Femi Otedola- Things You Didn’t Know About Nigerian Billionaire

Femi Otedola is well-known. In Nigeria, wealth tends to attract attention. But in Nigeria, becoming a BILLIONAIRE makes you a household name. The adjective “wealthy” has grown to be associated with the name “Otedola,” to the point where it is now often used in Nigerian speech.

What knowledge do you have of this well-known Femi Otedola, though? You might be aware that he has three daughters, the most well-known of whom is the popular Nigerian DJ DJ Cuppy. But what else do you know after that? I’m going to share with you 9 additional facts about Femi Otedola, a billionaire from Nigeria, today. Interesting information that you probably didn’t know.

  1. He has FOUR kids in total.

Because these are the ones they see the most—especially after Femi Otedola famously bought three Ferraris for his three daughters, Cuppy, Temi, and Tolani—many people believe that Femi Otedola only has three daughters. Femi does have a fourth child, a son by the name of Fewa.

  1. He kept Victor Olaotan from dying.

Victor Olaotan, a seasoned actor, was engaged in an evil vehicle accident in 2016. To aid with his medical expenses, a GoFundMe website was created, but sadly, donations weren’t really coming in.

Actor Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD) then asked for assistance from others; among them was Femi Otedola, who then did the unthinkable. Victor Olaotan’s entire medical bill was paid for by him.

3. Femi Otedola was a victim of cybercrime and extortion.

Femi Otedola became embroiled in a scandal in December 2016 when Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo, two Toronto-based sisters, allegedly sought to extort him through cyberbullying and blackmail. They asserted that they had proof of Otedola cheating on his wife and threatened to broadcast it online.

The two sisters were brought before the court after Otedola filed a lawsuit. They confessed and publicly apologised to Otedola and his family for attempting to blackmail him.

4. He admires Mr. Eazi.

Some people are aware that Mr. Eazi, a singer, is dating Temi, one of Femi’s daughters. For some reason, though, a lot of people believe that Femi disapproves of it or that he has never met Mr. Eazi.

Contrarily, it was Femi who informed the Instagram user that Temi had a boyfriend when they visited Femi’s page to declare their love for Temi.

Even more, they’ve shared meals and tak  en photos together. It appears that Femi likes Eazi.

5. He committed 1 billion Naira to the COVID-19 fight.

Femi Otedola openly announced on his Instagram page that he intended to donate 1 billion Naira to the fight against COVID-19.

6. Rumors regarding Femi Otedola and Tiwa Savage circulated.

The rumour mill started churning after photos of Femi Otedola and Tiwa Savage together in which she was holding a Forte Oil bag surfaced. After Tiwa Savage and TeeBillz split up, the’sources’ once again stepped up to provide information, and I will paraphrase one of the reports as follows: Additionally, Teebillz allegedly continued to extort her regarding her extramarital activities. He continued bringing up the possibility of her dating oil tycoon Femi Otedola.

Naturally, all of these were rumours and guesswork, and there was never solid proof or reliable information to support the assertions. However, musician Tiwa Savage made reference to this controversy and all the reports that she was dating millionaires.

7. Femi Otedola is a writer.

Femi Otedola book has not yet been published. He shared the image below on Instagram with the caption: “It’s a wrap!” I’ve finished talking about my debut book on business lessons with my friends Kunle Bakare and Simon Kolawole. 18-month-long interviews in Lagos, Monte Carlo, Paris, New York, London, and currently Dubai.

8. He and his mother are very close.

When Femi Otedola posted a photo of himself kissing his mother on the lips, people raised eyebrows and expressed a wide range of emotions. The photograph’s caption read: I won’t ever forget you, sweet mommy. You must suffer for me because of this.

9. He and Aliko Dangote get along well.

People enjoy making comparisons and competing with one another. Aliko Dangote and Femi Otedola, two billionaires, are thought by many to be rivals in some way. This is not the case, though. In actuality, Dangote and Otedola are close friends who frequently hang out.

He adores his family dearly. On his Instagram, he either celebrates his kids or promotes one of their side projects every other post. Additionally, Femi Otedola frequently showers them with expensive gifts, maybe most notably the Ferraris he bought for each of his three daughters. Of course, his wife Nana never misses a beat and receives a tonne of affection online.


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