Dolo Neurobion-Pain Reliever Full Prescribing Information


Cobalamin, vitamin B, and paracetamol Paracetamol and B vitamins may be combined in the Dolo Neurobion pill to provide a synergistic effect on a range of pain disorders, most of which are primarily of mixed pain origin. In this way, both the underlying sensitivity (such as cuts, burns, or fractured bones) and advanced neuropathic components of the pain are treated. Both neuropathic and sensitive pain types can occur in mixed pain situations. Each should be treated with substances that have different mechanisms of action.

Neuropathies and their associated neuropathic pain are distinguished by symptoms such as fatigue, tingling, pins and needles, etc. The provision of energy to nerve cells, which is essential for maintaining their healthy state, is made possible by vitamin B1. performance as well as assistance with nerve regeneration. The body uses vitamin B6 as a chemical to assist process carbs. proteins and fats that are necessary to keep the body in a healthy state.

Essential Components

An essential component of metabolism and maintenance is vitamin B12. Additionally, nerve cells mature much like all other types of body cells. Additionally, it plays a crucial part in the biological process of red blood cell production. Dolo Neurobion aids in the development of the medullary sheath, which serves as the nerves’ protective coating.

B1, B6, and B12 vitamins work together to support the systema nervosum’s essential processes. and aid in the recovery or regeneration of nerves. As a result, this aids in the management of the neuropathic component as well as the underlying nerve damage in “mixed

Dolo Neurobion indications

The Dolo Neurobion pill, which contains paracetamol, vitamin B, vitamin B, and cobalamin, is used to relieve mild to severe pain. mostly mixed discomfort caused by neuropathic and sensitive elements.

Note of clarification: Mixed pain conditions include back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain/shoulder-arm syndrome (brachialgia), neuralgia and carpal tunnel syndrome, pain after surgery, and other painful conditions.

Dosage/Usage Instructions:

The Dolo Neurobion pill, which contains paracetamol, vitamin B, and cobalamin, should be taken orally.

Adults, seniors, children and teenagers over the age of fourteen should take one (1) pill, one to three times each day. To lessen the effects of channel irritation, the tablet should not be manduction with a little drink before eating.

Every 4-6 hours, the medication should be taken. Don’t take more than 4,000 mg of paracetamol in a 24-hour period (1 day). The duration of the treatment should be as brief as possible. Consult a doctor if your

symptoms don’t go away.

Missed dose: If the patient forgets to take a Dolo Neurobion pill containing Paracetamol, vitamin B, vitamin B, and cobalamin. The patient shouldn’t increase their doses on consecutive days to prepare for it. Take each dose in succession at the same time every day.


The symptoms of vitamin B6 sensory pathology and other sensory pathology syndromes may be brought on by the semi-permanent administration of extremely high doses of pyridoxine, vitamin B6, pyridoxal, pyridoxamine, adermin, vitamin B-complex nutriment, vitamin B complex, vitamin B, and vitamin B. The symptoms gradually get better after the vitamin is stopped. This product is not advised for usage in the future. One dose of 10-15 mg/kg and the maximum dose of 60 mg/kg of paracetamol shouldn’t be exceeded.

Paracetamol: Involved in A serious hepatotoxicity will result from using paracetamol during nursing. The patients should receive the exact curative N-acetylcysteine treatment within the first ten hours (intravenously). The administration of carbon cannot be routinely recommended, but Dolo Neurobion is taken into consideration if a hepatotoxic dose of paracetamol has been consumed and less than two hours have passed since the occurrence of the body process.

Dolo Neurobion contraindications:

If the patient has severe allergies or hypersensitivity to any component of this product, they should not use this medication. Due to the high quantity of active chemicals, this could not appeal to children under the age of fourteen. Vitamin B6: Under long-term (6–12 months) use of a mean daily dose of 50 mg of B vitamin, rare occurrences of neuropathies are described in the literature.

Regular observation is typically advised when using high doses of B vitamins on a semi-permanent basis. This product is not intended for semipermanent use. Don’t take more paracetamol than the recommended dosage. Extraordinary the recommended dose may seriously harm the liver.

Paracetamol ought to incline with precaution in following cases: viscus insufficiency, chronic substance abuse, severe nephrosis, patients with impaired glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase.

Rarely, paracetamol may induce severe, sometimes deadly skin responses, such as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS), hepatotoxic epidermic lysis, and acute generalised exanthematous pustulosis (AGEP) (TEN). Take the  Dolo Neurobion pill, which contains paracetamol, vitamin B, vitamin B, and cobalamin, only as directed by this leaflet. Consult a doctor if your symptoms don’t go away.



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