Dami Kwon- Facts that You Need To Know About Her


On November 4, Dami Kwon posted a picture of an ultrasound on her personal blog and stated. Currently, we are two months away from meeting our baby. His name is Eden, and he is a son who has a resemblance to his father. Kim Min Jon and Dami Kwon first acknowledged their relationship in June 2019 and got married in October 2019. The couple’s first child is this one.


A model-turned-actor named Kim Min Jon has asterisked roles in dramas like Demo. Dr. Resounds the Dekaliter The final “Was It Love?” he and The High Rollers, The Kept Woman, and Top Star are examples of movies like the Tisza. Additionally, he performs as a DJ under the alias Vesper MJ. Dami Kwon, the owner of a fashion company, was included in the Bo five hundred in 2017, a list of the five hundred individuals who are most influential in the fashion industry. Dami Kwon is also referred to as BIGBANG’s G-older Dragon’s sister.

Dami Kwon’s personal life and profession

However, the way Dami Kwon refers to G-Dragon as “son” shows how close they are. Usually, the Integra posts she shares about family gatherings and outings give his admirers updates about their idol. G-Dragon frequently wears apparel made by We11Done, like as the red muffler and textile shirt he wore on his 2017 tour in support of the Big Bang Japan Dome.

They are beautifully closed, and on the day that G-Dragon enlisted in the military in 2018, she indicates that she is trying to neck him. She wrote in her caption for the photo: Kim Min Jon and Dami Kwon’s child is mentioned by Dami Kwon on Stories on February 4. On February 4th, 2022, our Eden was born in good health. The icon plays a clip of the newborn’s birth information, including his birthday and weight at birth.

Arrangement Status

Dami Kwon, the older sister of G-Dragon, posts a picture to her Instagram story on the 26th. The son of Kwon Dami and his hand could both be visible in the icon. Eden and Uncle are captioned. The identity of the guy can be determined thanks to Kwon Dami’s caption and the tattoo on his hand. Many of us have expressed interest in G-Dragon, who is making news every day due to allegations that he broke up with Black Pink’s Jennie.

She Established a Fashion Company

Dami Kwon was far more advanced than her brother in terms of dressing oneself. While she co-founded a clothing company in 2014, G-Dragon released his whole Peace sans One in 2016. Her Rare Market even earned her a spot on The Business of Fashion’s 2017 list of the 500 most influential global trendsetters.

Name of the store. G-Dragon, however, might be to blame. The UN agency chose the word “rare” to encapsulate the brand’s commitment to providing Chosen with unique fashion goods. A YG Bazaar also took place in Dami Kwan’s style in 2015, selling sentimental items to K-pop stars signed to YG Entertainment, including Sandra Park and Teeing.

Dami Kwon wed a drama actor.

Dami Kwon and Min Jon Kim got married in 2019. Associate actor in the national capital’s drama series Demo and Love, denoted by an asterisk. In a very Knowing Bros episode, Min made light of the fact that he frequently daydreams about giving his in-law family money. But I wasn’t sure how much credit to give to one of K-top pop’s stars at the moment.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon further demonstrated his support by prompting an occasional truck to the actor’s 2019 movie The Singer to draw a bead on it. According to Star today, the couple emotionally invested the most in the opulent LE Garden hotel in Hanna-dong last year in possible. Even though he is many streets away, her sibling still resides in the same area.

Who is fashion expert Dami Kwon, the adoring sister of G-Dragon?

Dami Kwon deserves praise for her assertion, even though many of us may be envious of the fact that she is the older sister of G-Dragon, an undisputed original generation K-pop talent. You could say, for starters, that fashion sense runs in the family. She then went from starting her own successful fashion line to designing a runway collection that made its Paris debut. There are several things about the 38-year-old entrepreneur that you may want to know.





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