Sony subwoofer doesn’t have to be hard. Read these 8 tips

One of the most recurring questions I get is why isn’t my sony subwoofer hitting hard. I’ve clear to put jointly a easy and simple to follow guide to attach this issue once and for all.


I’ve been in the car audio production for more than 20 years.  This is why I’ve clear to put jointly this super easy escort to attach the most common sub bass issues.

If you want save some money this escort will get your woofer attached and banging hard as it should. Plus I have a very short section about how do car sony subwoofer works  so you can avoid future issues absolutely.

Purposes Why Your Sony Subwoofer Is Not Hitting Hard Enough

The function of sony subwoofers is to release low-regularity sounds. These make the bass tones rich and increase the overall grade of the sound.

Sony Subwoofers play only when there are low-regularity sounds in the audio, they are silent when there are no low-regularity sounds. There can be many purpose for your subwoofer not hitting hard enough.

  • Silence Subwoofer:I know it’s clear and it’s worth a shot
  • No Low-regularity Sounds:People excluding to hear a thumping deep on every audio piece they play. However, low-regularity sounds like rumbling guitar or drums aren’t always playing. While checking your subwoofer, make certain you play a track with low-regularity sounds to detect out if your sony subwoofer is working or not.
  • Speaker Settings: Sometimes the sony subwoofer volume is not modify properly. Check the audio settings, if the deep subwoofer level is low, rises it according to your predilections.
  • False Frequency: Subwoofers are not independent tools. They work in layout with the rest of the woofers. If all the speakers are not contemporise, the sound quality will be quite poor. Make certain that the regularity of your subwoofer is the same as your major speakers.
  • Acoustics: Sometimes it may look like your subwoofers are not hitting hard ample, but it is even the acoustics of the room that are making your speakers sound poor. Home studios often have standing wave issues, which can soften the speakers no matter how fine they are. Test the room acoustics before censure your subwoofers.
  • Cause Configuration: This could be the source of your issues if you are in a studio. Check the program causes like your microphone to find out if the issue is with them or the sony subwoofer. You can also fix your subwoofer to your phone or iPod. If the sound is good, the issue lies with the cause’s configuration.
  • False Amplifier: It is simple to tell if you have the false amplifier size. If your subwoofer sounds better when the volume is low, but does not hit hard ample when you rise the volume, your amplifier is too small.
  • Motor Issues: This is not very usual, but a weak sony subwoofer could be caused by a issue with the motor. The combine or the battery could blow, harm the motor. If you are certain that it is not any of the above causes, check if the motor is working absolutely.

Why Does My Subwoofer Sound Frail?

If you are study this article, you might have this question—why does my car subwoofer sound frail, exactly? What are the precise sources behind this? Let’s go through some of these sources in feature so that you can judge your subwoofer on your own and control the issue.

1.      Motor Problems

There might be problems with the motor itself that might be causing the sony subwoofer to sound frail. In case there are any raps within the battery or the combine, then this problem is likely to extend to other parts of the vehicle, including the motor.

This can then lead to small raps or a failure in an maximum case. Either way, these motor-related problems could surely affect the sony subwoofer as well, causing it to produce a frail or wrap sound.

Make sure you probe the motor to ensure that it is working steadily. If not, you will require  to take your car to a mechanic.

2.      Low Regularity Output

It is important to keep in remember that the subwoofer itself is meant to magnify those items of the music or song that have low regularity, adding to an better thrumming reaction while you are listening to the song.

Of course, if you keep playing music that contains low regularity product and the subwoofer still does not end up infective them, then you will need to control and fix the problem.

3.      System Settings

It is achievable that the settings in your sound system, including the subwoofer, might not be commending enough for the subwoofer, bring about it to produce weaker sounds.

In such a case, you will require to check and adjust the settings of all the parts.

4.      Underpowered Subwoofer

If you are not providing enough power inputs to the subwoofer, then this could certainly source it to produce weaker sounds than its common capacity.

Make certain you do not attach the subwoofer with an amplifier that is already drained and worn out as this could lead to twist sounds, harm the audio quality even more.

Conclusions on Subwoofer Bass Issues

Subwoofers can greatly modify the sound quality and convert your listening experience. Whether you are an executive using them in your studio or a non professional using them in your car or home, you will value the difference they make. It is important you understand the specifics of operating a subwoofer.


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