What is marketing?


Marketing is the process that is taken by an agency or company for growing their businesses and for buying and selling products. Marketing is also known as the medium of communication between a company and a consumer. Every company or agency that is running their business must hire an export person that performs marketing for their company, these persons export in hunting products that are trending in markets, and they are also export in buying and selling of these products. When a salesman of an agency finds a product that is in demand in the market, he purchases these items for the company. Marketing is very important for every company because helps a company in the achievement of its goals. The products are not able to be called products until they are not in the hands of consumers they are just goods before they are not sold.

There are many techniques of marketing available. In the past marketing is done by visiting markets manually. The salesman does marketing by surveying every market, every company must have to hair salesman for marketing, and this is a very costly and difficult process of marketing. But today marketing is performed online with the help of the internet. The Internet makes marketing very easy. Now the company does not need hair agents for marketing. Marketing by surveying is an old and costly process of marketing. This is the era of the internet, so marketing is also done on it easily. It is also done at a very low price. Marketing becomes very easy with the use of the internet you can also promote your businesses on it, by using social media platforms that are available free of cost. Some social media platform charges you for promoting your business although these social media platforms charge you a very short amount for promotion.

Marketing in past

In the past marketing is the main problem for every business or every agency, they have to spend on their marketing. They have to hire agents and salesman for marketing, they have to conduct surveys in different markets to gather information about the products, and in the end, they have to spend money on buying products so, this process proved very costly for them. The salaries of agents and the cost append on conducting visits in different markets make them financially weak. And also this process of marketing is a very time taking process. But now the internet replace all things, now they can perform marketing by simply clicking. Now companies simply hire an internet expert who performs all these activities

Online Marketing

Now this is the era of the internet, the internet replaces all the old processes of marketing with the idea of digital marketing and social marketing. All the difficulties in marketing that are common in past are solved due to the use of the internet. There are many platforms available for marketing and the promotion of your businesses online. Now all the companies and agencies are running online, they have their websites and social media pages. They are running their ads online and selling, and purchasing online through their websites and pages. There are many institutes available that are imparting education about digital marketing and social media marketing. There are many facilities available for promoting your business. In the past advertisement is very costly. You have to spend a lot of money on channels if you want to run your ad on prime time such as 9 pm to 11 pm. But now you can publish yours as less than 1$ on many social media platforms. You can also select the audience that you want to target for your ad


If you are still using the old methods of marketing then this article helps you in selecting whether the old method is best or the new method best. You can easily conclude that the old method of marketing is costly and time taking and the new methods through the internet are very convenient and quick. When you study the facts of online marketing you will never use old methods. If you want to run your business online then you have to learn and gather some knowledge about these methods. These methods are also very easy to implement, you run the online market yourself. The main and most beneficial fact about online marketing is that it is a very cheap method of marketing, if you want to switch your business online you can contact any social media expert in this regard. I hope this article helps you in selecting the best method of marketing. Thanks for marketing…


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