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Mini neji Hyuuga may not appear as frequently as his cousin Hinata in the Naruto universe, but his persona undoubtedly leaves a lasting effect on viewers. Neji is three years older than his cousin and has more shinobi experience than the rest of the Konoha Academy generation, including Naruto and Hinata.

He makes an angry first impression in the Naruto universe as someone who thinks he cannot control his own destiny. One of the series’ most intriguing character arcs involves Neji. He transformed into a man who would give his life to ensure Hinata could carry on fighting for the Hyuuga clan from a young man who treated his cousin carelessly. Neji Hyuuga: who is she? These 15 details regarding the Byakugan are provided. Mini neji literally translates as “screw.” Neji is a verb that means “to turn or wrench.” Fans of the Naruto television series think the name has two meanings.


The phrase in a way alluded to his highly developed fighting technique, the 8 Trigram Palms Revolving Heaven. On the other side, it can also allude to the Chinese martial art known as “nejia.” The internal processes of the body and chi energy are the centre of this martial art, yet nejia practitioners do it by spinning their bodies. The meaning of Neji’s last name, “Hyuuga,” which refers to the names Hinata and Himawari because they both have sunflower-related meanings, is “place beneath the sun.”

Despite the fact that Mini neji Hyuuga passed away before the Boruto series began, Neji receives a lot of attention in Boruto. Boruto must meet his uncle when he was an adolescent when he and Sasuke time travel. Furthermore, long before Boruto and Neji ever met, the idea for Boruto paid tribute to Neji. The phrase Bolt, which is utilised similarly to a screw in that it is rotated, is translated to “bolt,” and the name Boruto is the Japanese pronunciation of that word. Because Boruto represents Hinata and Naruto, who can now live together as a result of Neji’s sacrifice, Masashi Kishimoto wanted the name to be a reflection of Neji’s name.

Tsunade Promotes Mini neji

There is a time jump right in the midst of the manga and anime when Naruto leaves Konoha for two years, and the show then moves into the Naruto Shippuden era. With the exception of Shikamaru, who had been promoted, and Naruto and Sasuke, who had left Konoha, all of the Konoha 11 members retook their Chunin Exams during the time skip.

Mini neji, Tenten, and Rock Lee of Team Guy saved numerous lives during the exam and assisted other teams in finding solutions. Even when someone attempted to kill Gaara’s tailed beast, Team Guy came to his aid. Neji assisted in saving Gaara, and it was for this deed that he was promoted. Tsunade elevated Neji to jounin while all of his teammates were still chunin.

Dislike Spicy Food

Blood type lists for well-known anime characters and celebrities are something that is prevalent in Japanese pop culture. This is due to a blood type-related personality notion that is prevalent in Japan. According to the hypothesis, a person’s blood type might also influence their personality features. The Naruto databook states that Mini neji Hyuuga has type O blood.

According to theories, blood type O individuals tend to be self-assured, aspirational, and competitive. They are also easily jealous, vengeful, and haughty. When Neji confronts Hinata and her father about the passing of his father, all of these characteristics are clearly displayed. Asuma, Temari, and Sakura are the other blood type O owners in addition to Neji.

Sacrificed His Life

The characters’ favourite foods and least favourite foods were also disclosed in the Naruto databook. To find out if Mini neji can eat spicy food or not, anime fans do not need to study the data book. Team Guy’s shinobi are seen in the anime chowing down on hot curry. Unfortunately, Neji had no choice but to consume the hot curry. Fortunately, Tenten assisted him because he frequently passed out after eating a spicy curry.

Fans will be aware that Neji was born on July 3 and is a Cancer if Naruto decides to incorporate information on western astrology or the zodiac. Cancer is thought to be quite similar to Neji, who has a hard exterior and a soft within. Cancers have a tendency to project a rough exterior, yet they are actually incredibly perceptive and sensitive to the feelings of others. They are sensitive and character readers who are also easily hurt. It made sense given Neji’s fast transformation from envious of Hinata’s position in the Hyuuga clan’s stream to caring and protective of him.

Final Thoughts

Why Neji Hyuuga enjoyed the bird metaphor so much is a mystery. Neji frequently refers to his own destiny as a “bird” to make his point. Due to his membership in the Hyuuga branch family, he perceived himself as being in a cage, but after Naruto overcame him during the Chunin Exams, he appeared to rethink his attitude. When he starts to believe he can control his own fate, he makes references to free-flying birds. In the manga, the Ninja Troops that were surrounding Mini neji engaged in combat with a bird formation after Neji passed away.

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