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Do you want 100% correct How Well Do You Know Minecraft Mobs Answers? If Yes, then you have come to the right place. You can complete your quiz and get the reward with 100% Validity. How Well Do You Know Minecraft Mobs Quiz which will hold a total of 25 questions? BeQuizzed offers this quiz where players attempt to solve the questions to get their rewards.

Minecraft has captured the hearts of gamers since its release in 2009. Part of its appeal is its simplistic art revolving around blocks, while part of its appeal is the limitless freedom it allows players to have. Along with this, the tools to create essentially anything in-game mean that there are endless possibilities.

Players are also greeted throughout gameplay by the many different mobs that inhabit the world of Minecraft. Each of these possesses different traits, different personalities, and different interactions. If you believe you are an expert in the details and trivia of these mobs, put your knowledge to the test! Take this challenge, and don’t forget to share the link with family and friends!

Here Is A List Of Answers

How Well Do You Know Minecraft Mobs Quiz Answers


Q1: What is the percentage chance that a goat spawns as a baby goat?



Correct Answer: 5%

Q2: What color fur do rabbits have in the desert?


Correct Answer: Gold

Q3: Glow squid suffocate when out of water, dying after how many seconds?


Correct Answer: 15

Q4: Naturally generated bee nests generate how with how many bees in them?


Correct Answer: 3

Q5: Creepers chase any player within a ___ block radius.


Correct Answer: 16

Q6: Mules do not spawn naturally, but they can spawn through cross-breeding a horse with a _____?


Correct Answer: Donkey

Q7: Which of these is not a reason a parrot will dismount a player?


Correct Answer: Player walks under a tree

Q8: What percentage of Llamas spawns as babies?


Correct Answer: 10%

Q9: Which of these is not a panda personality?


Correct Answer: Charming

Q10: Which of these mobs does not attack baby turtles?


Correct Answer: Sheep

Q11: How long can a dolphin stay submerged underwater before it begins to drown?


Correct Answer: 4 Minutes

Q12: How many health points does a polar bear have?


Correct Answer: 30

Q13: What percentage of salmon spawn as small salmon?


Correct Answer: 31.5%

Q14: As of 2021, there are how many skins that cats have?


Correct Answer: 11

Q15: How many minutes does it take a chicken to grow up?


Correct Answer: 20

Q16: How many health points do pillagers have?


Correct Answer: 24

Q17: Which of these does not drop from witches?


Correct Answer: Black Hat

Q18: Shearing a mooshroom turns it into a cow and drops how many mushrooms corresponding to the type of the mooshroom?


Correct Answer: 5

Q19: What is the name of this mob?


Correct Answer: Ocelot

Q20: Enderman can be provoked by a player looking them in the eyes from up to how many blocks away?


Correct Answer: 64

Q21: What type of mob is a ghast?


Correct Answer: Hostile

Q22: How many health points does a strider have?


Correct Answer: 20

Q23: What type of mob is a squid?


Correct Answer: Passive

Q24: What is the name of this mob?


Correct Answer: Ravager

Q25: How many health points does a hoglin have?


Correct Answer: 40


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