Exciting Unpacking Experience to Your Clients by Packing Products in Sleeve Boxes Wholesale

A wide range of boxes is accessible in the market. They are present in unlimited shapes, layouts, sizes, and colors. You can grasp the one that suits your products. So here comes a question why should you select sleeve boxes, and what differentiates them from other kinds of boxes? Custom sleeve boxes are an ideal option to pack all kinds of items. They give secure and attractive packaging, from food products to delicate jewelry and cosmetics. These boxes are easy to handle while going from one place to another. Moreover, you can print them with a window and die-cut to make products visually appealing.

Choose the Sizes and Shapes for Custom Printed Sleeve Boxes:

You can select any shape and size of the box that goes well with your products. You can customize them in large and small sizes as well. It counts on you how you desire to construct it. Besides this, you can also print your box with attractive illustrations and images to make it more alluring in customers’ eyes.

Concern About Product’s Safety? Pick Sleeve Boxes Wholesale:

In the customization process, most brands have concerns regarding the safety of items. Sleeve boxes wholesale are the best solution. Sleeve boxes are used to pack different types of things. This box is constructed in such a style to keep items secure. The box is composed of two parts, one with an upper lid and the other one is the bottom sleeve. The top of the box secures the products from external harm, and the bottom section of the sleeve keeps items in their proper place.

Dream of Getting Identified?

Experience Our Splendid Quality Printing Methods:
It is the dream of each brand to get recognized. Therefore, there is massive competition in the market. You don’t need to worry. Our top-quality printed services can help you in blowing off your competitors. Our company has top-rate printing machines and tools in the town. Besides this, our hardworking staff put their outstanding efforts into designing a box according to your desires. Our highest-level printing techniques involve:

Custom Printing Methods

What are their Distinct Attributes?

1        Offset Procedure

  • High in budget
  • Time-consuming
  • Reliable and high-end prints
  • A reasonable choice for large quantity prints

2         Digital Procedure

  • Cost-effective method
  • Time-saving
  • Top-notch printing outputs
  • Optimal for short quantity orders

Astonish Your Clients with Fascinating Color Packaging: CMYK and PMS

clients get stuck on the packaging more than the inside item. They make their minds to purchase an item by its gorgeous presentation. Seeking exciting color printing ideas? Stay here. We print your custom sleeve box with two color techniques. CMYK is a four-color hue scheme that results in dazzling color prints. On the other hand, in the Pantone matching system, there are matchless color shades. You can choose a different color for printing the brand logo and another for product images and text printing. It overall relies on you if you go for one color or multi-color printing.

Looking for Reliable Packaging? Compose Box with the Finest Quality Material:

The durability of a product’s packaging depends on its material. Game boxes composed of low-quality material will not only be vulnerable to wear and tear but also give an unattractive appearance. Our company is known for providing trustworthy and most nuanced quality services. Our printing material is also of exceptional quality that involves:
1. Kraft:
kraft is 100% climate-friendly and cost-effective as well. You can choose it to reduce your carbon footprint.
2. Cardboard:
Cardboard is biodegradable and recyclable as well. It helps secure products and keeps them fresh for a more extended period.
3. Corrugated cardboard:
Corrugated cardboard is thick and contains extra layers that help safely transport delicate items.

Experience Top-Notch Packaging Services with ICustomBoxes:

What lists us as the top-rate packaging supplier, and why must you choose us for custom sleeve packaging? iCustomBoxes has made its name in the packaging industry due to the supply of ultramodern and reliable services. We have been providing our services in the USA for a long time. We have not only won the trust of thousands of our clients but ranked among the first-rate packaging provider. Our competent designer team is capable of customizing custom boxes in any size and shape. Moreover, you can get free support and guidance from our designers, who are always present to respond to you in the meantime.

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