Everything You Need to Know About Custom Reed Diffuser Boxes

Custom Reed Diffuser boxes are exactly what they sound like – customized boxes that allow you to give customers their very own diffusers to use at home or in their offices! These boxed diffusers come with everything that you need, including the bottles and essential oils, so it’s ready to go right out of the box. Using custom Reed Diffuser Boxes allows you to stand out from your competition by offering something that they can’t. When customers see this special box, they’ll know exactly who it came from and why it was chosen for them specifically!

The Difference Between Home Fragrance Oil & Essential Oils:

With the increasing cost of home fragrance oils and the variety of scents available, it can be easy to forget that Reed diffusers offer an affordable and non-toxic alternative. Home fragrance oil is more expensive and toxic than Essential Oil. This is because Home Fragrance Oils typically have less Essential Oil than a custom Reed diffuser box does. The essential oils come from a variety of sources such as; fruits, vegetables, flowers, roots, and tree leaves.

When using essential oils, they are absorbed by an absorbent pad. The pads will expand in size depending on which Essential Oil you choose.
When you use home fragrance oils with a Reed diffuser box, it is more difficult to use and control exactly how much scent is being used. Home Fragrance Oils that come in a Reed diffuser box typically have less essential oil than a custom Reed diffuser box does.

Custom Reed Diffuser Boxes

How To Choose A Bottle For Your Home Fragrance Oil:

Choosing a bottle for your home fragrance oil can be tricky, but it’s important that you find the perfect one. There are a lot of aspects to consider, so we created this easy-to-read guide for choosing the best reed diffuser box for your home.

Knowing how to choose a bottle for your home fragrance oil can seem like a daunting task, but we’ve put together some advice and tips that will help you make your decision. First, you need to decide what size is right for you, as larger bottles give you more diffusing time between refills. Next, think about what scent you want—if it’s not an individual fragrance oil then consider creating your own custom blend using several scents!

Choosing The Right Bottles – Size, Shape & Packaging Options:

The most popular size of the bottle is the 8-ounce and they are typically sold in a pack of 12. However, you can also get bottles that hold 4, 16, and 32 ounces, depending on how much space you have. If you are ordering a custom reed diffuser box with your labels and stickers already in place, the bottles will be included with it.

Glass bottles arrive in different sizes and tones. One challenge with glass is that they can be heavy, which means they require additional packaging and shipping costs. Glass bottles are an eco-friendly option and usually look more elegant on display in retail stores as well. However, glass is also breakable so proper precautions should be taken if you’re planning on using them for your custom reed diffuser boxes. As long as you properly store your boxes, any potential breakage should be covered by insurance during transit.

What Are Reeds?

Reed diffusers are a beautiful alternative to the often cluttered fragrant bottles. Similar in some ways to reeds on a string, they can be purchased in rectangular or circular cases and inserted into furniture or decor. When the case is flipped open it creates a depression that houses the reeds, where one chooses which scent they would like.
Custom Reed diffuser boxes give you many opportunities for creativity with your design as they come in so many shapes and sizes. They make great gifts as well!

There are other ways, however, that you can make your reed diffuser boxes even more spectacular. If you want a window on your custom reed diffusers box there are some options for that as well. A square or circle cutout in your cardboard custom boxes allows for greater visibility and makes it easier for people to access any hidden gifts inside as well. (Custom Reed diffuser boxes with a window are really popular)

How To Use Reeds In A Reed Diffuser:

Reeds are the main component of a reed diffuser. They’re soaked in fragrant oil and then inserted into the glass container. The oil is drawn up through the reeds by capillary action and released into the air as you fill up your space with your favorite scent. When you buy a reed diffuser, they usually come with a few spare reeds. The idea is that you change them out when they get old or stop smelling strong enough.

Adding Home Fragrance Oils To Existing Glass Bottles:

If you already have a glass bottle for holding your oils, we can still create custom reed diffuser boxes for you. Just send us the size and type of bottle you would like, and we will create a custom box to hold it that is large enough to add reeds and a lid.

How To Add Essential Oils Or Fragrance Oils: Adding fragrances is easy with our reed diffuser boxes. Just cut up your reeds, fill your glass container with water and add a few drops of fragrance oil (try out a few scents, as you can layer them for added aroma). Screw on your lid put in your reeds and you’re all set!

What Sizes Of Glass Bottles Do You Have? We create custom reed diffuser boxes for all different sizes of glass bottles. If you are looking for a larger box for a 3-liter bottle or a small box for a .25-liter, we can do that!

What Are Neutral Grain Alcohols?

If you’re shopping for a custom reed diffuser box, here are some great things to know about how the products work. Reed diffusers were originally designed by a pharmacist in 1799 and contain nothing more than a wooden stick (reed) and the scented liquid of your choosing.

The quality of your Custom Reed Diffuser Boxes depends heavily on what you choose for a base. The most common liquid used for creating your own reed diffusers is water and glycerin, but many customers prefer alcohol because they evaporate more quickly than glycerin.

How Do I Infuse My Own Liquor?
The same thing goes with infusing your own liquor! Create custom Reed diffuser boxes that match your taste buds and are the perfect gift for someone special. Simply find a flavor you enjoy (even mix a few!) like fruity, floral, spicy, nutty, or sweet, add it to the clear scented base liquid for the desired ratio, and voila – you have your custom Reed diffusing box! It’s all in the customization!


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