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JBL, one of the most renowned audio manufacturers, offers a huge, continuously growing selection of headphones and earbuds. No matter your budget or lifestyle, there is a reliable Jbl headphones wireless out there for you, ranging from extremely affordable earphones that cost only about $10 to luxury over-ear cans for both wired and wireless listening. To assist you in selecting the ideal set of earbuds and headphones for your listening needs, we thoroughly tested JBL’s selection. We examined specifications, poured over reviews for hours, and regularly tested products.

Sound Quality

Depending on the model you’re looking at, JBL headphones have generally acceptable isolation performance and average to extremely high active noise cancellation. Let’s first define isolation: the ability of a headset to block out sounds by establishing a barrier between your ear canals and the outside world. Since none of the JBL earbuds and headphones on this list have an open fit, each headset will partially filter out external sounds.

Make sure the ear pads on over-ear headsets completely enclose your ears and don’t leave gaps between them and your skull if you want to receive good isolation from your headphones. Test each of the provided ear tips if you’re using earbuds to ensure a good fit. If you move your head slightly, the one that fits the best will form a seal to the opening of your ear canal and remain in place.

Bluetooth Features

You should be able to get a wireless pair of Jbl headphones wireless or earbuds unless your budget is extremely limited. The brand’s most recent wireless headsets have a long battery life, modern Bluetooth 5.0 (or higher) connection, and a future-proof USB-C port for charging in addition to having good sound for the price point and easy controls. The battery case for our preferred JBL true wireless headphones is also wireless charging ready. Find your next favorite pair of JBL headphones or earbuds (or both!) among these models that have undergone intensive testing and research.

One of the greatest earbuds worth your attention is the JBL Tour Pro+ true wireless model. They have a sophisticated software interface, outstanding sound quality with superior noise reduction, hands-free access to virtual assistants, and a sleek appearance. Disabling the noise canceling on the Tour Pro+ earbuds will significantly increase the amount of time you can rock out between charges. The storage case for the product, which supports wireless charging, can store up to 24 hours worth of additional music.

ANC with the JBL

Consider the Jbl headphones wireless Club Pro Plus if you’re looking for a nice pair of noise-canceling true wireless earbuds. The Club Pro plus ANC outperforms the majority of the portfolio when compared to some of the other TWS products, such as the Reflect Flow Pro. Additionally, you can renew it for less than $80 USD. It’s not ideal, and the buds occasionally don’t fit snugly enough in the case to charge. According to our tests, the buds’ ANC-activated battery life is 5 hours and 23 minutes. Consider awarding extra points for support for wireless charging. The Club Pro Plus sounds decent out of the box as well, with some midrange under-emphasis, but you can EQ that via the specialized app.

We used our previous testing setup to measure the frequency response and isolation charts of some of our favorites. Since then, we have updated our testing and data collecting by purchasing a Bruel & Kjaer 5128 test fixture (together with the necessary support equipment). We also have new standardized microphone demos, but updating our backlog of previous test results will take some time. As soon as we are able, we will update this list (and with many more!) with better sound quality measurements and isolation performance graphs. These will be clear thanks to our updated chart design (black background instead of white). The words “This is a Sound Guys standardized microphone demonstration” are used at the beginning of every new mic sample.

TWS 2 Wireless

Like its predecessor, the Live Pro 2 true wireless earbuds are Jbl headphones wireless top rival to the widely used Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro. The earbuds have a stem shape that resembles the AirPods Pro, a comfortable fit, amazing sound, and top-notch noise cancellation—all for a great price. The Jbl headphones wireless Live Pro+ earphones have a substantially longer battery life than the AirPods and AirPods Pro and come with app-enabled features for altering sound and noise cancellation. Additionally, four-color matching pairs with matching cases are available (black, blue, pink, and silver).

Because of its secure fit, simple-to-use button controls, and incredibly durable construction with an IP68 rating for water and dust resistance, the Reflect Flow Pro true wireless earbuds are the audio manufacturer best for working out. Additionally, the earbuds have customizable noise cancellation and high-quality sound. The Reflect Flow Pro’s 10-hour maximum battery life is also quite good. Two additional charges are stored in the product’s wireless charging compatible case. You can choose a pair with a matching case in black, white, or blue.

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