Most Interesting Thing About Versace


There is something about Versace that draws people to him, I think that is its attractive logo. Which attracts the viewers? It is inspired by Medusa that is Greek mythological figure. (In Greek mythology, Medusa is also called Gorge, one of the three monsters  Gorgons, she was a human-winged female who wore live venomous snakes instead of hair on her head, Whoever looked into her eyes turned to stone.)

Versace gained popularity very quickly. Talk about his mutual love among people. He has designed many costumes for films and theaters and for which Versace has received many awards.

Versace is now spreading across Europe. Versace is now expanding its products further, Therefore, it is working in home appliances, furniture, and accessories. People have also welcomed him with open arms.

Interesting Facts about Versace

Now will talk about Versace’s interesting thing that I hope you will  never  know about this may some of you might know so move on to this,

Versace Revenue of 2022

Versace made 1 billion US Dollars in the business year 2022, which is increase of 50 percent from the previous year. Versace brand worth is increasing day by day.

 Brad Promotion

Gianni Versace was very clever in promoting his brand; He organized a fashion show to promote his brand and ask to sit famous celebrities in the front row of his fashion show.  And what could be better than that, so many famous people are promoting any brand as fans. Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Sting, and Madonna were the celebrities involved in this Versace brand marketing show.

The First Fashion House

One of the most interesting facts about Versace is that in the year 1880, Gianni and  Donatella decided to their Miami house in their style and brand.  it was not the first time for them to design anything like home or any other project they do many things before but anyway this project was very big for them and also special for them because it was the begging of something big that was ‘Palazzo Versace’  now there are two luxurious hotels by this name the one is in Australia and the second one is in Dubai. You can imagine for yourself that if these hotels are decorated by Versace, then what kind of luxury and luxury will be furnished?

Donatella Versace never sewed

Have you ever heard that a person who is famous for any work but he never done this work one time in his life, Yes Donatella Versace is one of them, I hope many of you never know that she never saw any clothe on her hand?

I know it is difficult for you to believe that a lady who is running a very big empire of the fashion industry and she never sew one time in her life, but this is reality. but her brother Gianni Versace does sew. and he is love to sew his brand clothes with his own hand, which is why he learns crafts from his mother of clothes.

But it doesn’t  mean that  Donatella is not passionate about her work and Versace, she is very passionate about her work and that is why she gave 20 years of her life to Versace to grow and Make it Famous worldwide,

The difficult time for Versace

Versace has also faced a lot of difficulties in their past, like As he is about to endure the death of Gianni Versace When she was killed by a serial caller in 1997 outside her Miami home the serial killer was  Andrew Cunanan. it was a really tough time for Versace because Donatella was the new face of Versace and she guided the company in the 2000s. But she prove that she was not a bad option for the company and she handle the company in a very good manner her progress we can see in 2022s. how much she grows the brand after the death of her brother.

Gianni Versace Openhearted

In fact, Gianni Versace was quite open heart, so he advise to give his one of his colleagues who worked in his company to give him a pension of 26000$ for a lifetime. And a home in Italy or America but in reality on few money, But actually they would only give him some money, which was how Gianni’s family moved.


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