How to play Minecraft Game?


Minecraft is a sandbox video game created by Swedish programmer Markus Person aka Notch. It was released in 2009 and is developed using Java. It is free-to-play and open-ended, meaning that players have freedom over how they play the game. Players build structures; gather materials, craft weapons and armor, and fight monsters in order to survive.

Different Modes

Bedrock Edition

Bedrock edition is the latest version of Minecraft. It was released on May 17th, 2017. It features a new world generation system called “Biomes O’Plenty”. This means that the entire map is generated randomly. This makes each playthrough unique.

Survival Mode

Survival mode is the default gameplay type. In survival mode, players start off with basic tools and no food or water. They must find these items before dying. If a player dies, they lose everything they own.

Creative Mode

Creative mode is the second gameplay type. In creative mode, players can use any item they want. However, they cannot place blocks or destroy anything.


Multiplayer is the third gameplay type. In multiplayer, players can either join a server hosted by someone else or host their own. When hosting, players can choose what kind of server they would like to run. There are many different types of servers including adventure, creative, hardcore, and survival.

Crafting System

The crafting system is the fourth gameplay feature. Players can create various things like tools, weapons, armor, potions, and even vehicles. To craft something, players need certain items. These items can be crafted at a furnace, smelter, or forge.


The nether is the fifth gameplay feature. The nether is where mobs spawn. Mobs are hostile creatures that attack players. There are three types of mobs: zombies, skeletons, and creepers. Zombies are weak, skeletons are strong, and creeper are fast. Creepers explode after a short time.

How to play?

Minecraft is a sandbox video game created by Swedish programmer Markus Person aka Notch. In 2009, he released the first version of the game to the public via his website. Since then, the game has grown in popularity and was later acquired by Microsoft Studios in 2014. The game’s premise is simple: players create their own worlds and build objects within them to survive and thrive. Players use various tools to dig, break, place blocks, and even spawn animals and mobs. The goal is to become the last player standing while using as few items as possible.

In addition to survival, the game offers creative mode where players can design and construct anything they want. There are no rules or limitations in creative mode. However, players can still harvest materials and craft weapons to defend themselves if necessary. Players can play alone or join together in multiplayer modes. Multiplayer games allow players to work cooperatively to complete goals and tasks. Players can choose to host their own servers or connect to others’ servers.

Minecraft uses a block-based construction system called voxels. Voxels are small cubes that make up the terrain. Each block has its own color, texture, and material. Blocks can be placed on top of each other to create structures. Voxels are not visible to the naked eye, but can be rendered in real time. This means that the world appears seamless and realistic..


  1. You have to be able to build things out of blocks.
  2. There are no rules in Minecraft.
  3. You cannot use any items that break the world.
  4. If you die, you lose everything.
  5. You cannot leave the spawn point unless you teleport.
  6. You cannot go back once you enter the Nether.
  7. You cannot place anything on water.
  8. You cannot place anything over lava.
  9. You cannot place anything under lava.
  10. You cannot place anything in the void.
  11. You cannot place anything underwater.
  12. You cannot place anything underground.
  13. You cannot place anything above ground.
  14. You cannot place anything inside of a block.

Summing up

Players can mine ore, collect wood, pick fruit, ride horses, and swim. They can also dig down below ground level and explore caves. Raw material can craft out items by Players. These items can be crafted into weapons, armor, tools, food, potions, and more.

Crafting requires three basic components: a crafting table, a furnace, and a stack of planks. A crafting table is a flat surface that contains four slots. Furnaces are containers that hold firewood and lava. Planks are wooden boards that can be stacked to create a crafting bench. When a player crafts an item, they select a recipe from a list of options. Recipes have different effects based on what type of item they produce. For example, a sword produces swords, bows produce arrows, and armor produces shields.

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