Methods of Washi Tape Use that Inspire Creativity

Crafters all around the globe have taken to using washi tape, a beautiful masking tape produced from rice paper. It may be shredded, trimmed, and scribbled on, and it acts as a chic technique to attach pieces and enhance projects. Washi tapes are available from a wide range of craft companies around the globe, and they come in a rainbow of colours and widths, patterns, and textures.

Using Washi Tape for Scrapbooking

The history of custom washi tape may be traced back to the world of scrapbooking, and it is not uncommon for new scrapbooking releases to include washi tape that coordinates with the rest of the range. You may use many layers of Washi to create backgrounds, or you can use it to frame or attach photographs to your page.

Washi tape art journaling techniques

Journals filled with art are popular among mixed-media enthusiasts because they provide a space to write freely without worrying about the constraints of a standard greeting card or page layout. Washi is ideal for creating depth, adding commentary, and holding pieces of art together on an art journal page, where there are no rules and anything goes. See Helen Colebrook’s adventure unfold across one page by clicking the link below!

The Bullet Journalist’s Guide to Washi Tape

Bullet journaling is a new hobby in which people keep a detailed diary in which they emphasise the aspects of their lives they want to monitor. Washi tape may serve as a bookmark, a margin, or an organisational tool in this less ornamental but more ritualistic form of scrapbooking and art journaling. You may start with a blank notebook or purchase a bullet journal that has some pre-made spreads for you to utilise as a jumping off point.

Accessorizing with Washi Tape: A Guide

Personalize your household knickknacks and ornaments with Washi for a unique look and feel. As you can see, Lou has given this otherwise boring candle some character by adhering two pieces of Washi tape to the wick. In addition, she has attached it to her keys to give them a cool edge.

Washi tape installation instructions

Washi tape’s rice paper construction makes it ideal for usage in non-rectilinear applications, such as decorating walls. You might use it as a mask to hide something, or you could make a masterpiece to hang on the wall. These easy-to-remove designs for a baby’s nursery may make a huge difference in the room’s vibe.

Making labels using Washi tape

Custom Washi tape is low-tack, making it easy to apply and remove from many different surfaces, despite its ornamental purpose. Do you use Washi tape as often as Lou does? Have you tried using it to make labels for other items around the home or for your creative supplies? Try out a few different kinds of tape and markers to see what works best for you!


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