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THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR IS HERE! Are you still not ready to hear that? It’s all right; we comprehend. There’s no better time than the present to start thinking about LEGO Christmas sets, even though many of us aren’t in the holiday spirit just yet. It makes sense to be on the lookout for LEGO winter sets now, so you can pick up a nice steal before the big day, especially since Black Friday is just around the corner (or as we like to call it, Lego Christmas black Friday, given as that’s all we’re going to be buying).

We don’t feature BrickHeadz enough on our site, so we’re using today to rectify that. It’s fantastic to see that this set makes the nutcracker the center of attention because Christmas wouldn’t be the same without one. Too frequently, LEGO Christmas sets ignore the beloved custom of using nutcrackers during the holiday season. Fortunately, they fixed the error with this one. We adore this one because BrickHeadz catches things in a very distinctive way, making this nutcracker set a truly interesting one to show during the holiday season!

Lego winter village

The fact that Santa’s Visit only comes in at number five on our list just goes to show how incredible Lego Christmas winter sets are. Hello? Santa is here! Even while this collection is fantastic, rest assured that jolly old Saint Nick has lots more to offer. We adore this painting because it so vividly captures the wonder of Christmas, including the anticipation of staying up all night for Santa to arrive with his bag of gifts, leaving out milk and cookies, and being unable to sleep because of it.

Together, building something with young children is a lot of fun, and playing with it afterward is fantastic. Just be ready to provide milk and cookies to both the LEGO Santa and the real Santa.

Lego Christmas

Even if you detest gingerbread, you must construct a gingerbread home for Christmas; it’s sort of a requirement. But if you’re a Lego Christmas fan, we have the ideal solution for you: set 10267, also known as the LEGO gingerbread house. The nicest part is that it comes in 1447 pieces, allowing you to spend much more time with Grandma than you would have in the kitchen baking a genuine one. Once constructed, it makes a lovely display, but there are also Minifigures included for play, so this set offers the best of both worlds. Grandma will probably enjoy it just as much as we, you, and you do!

LEGO Home Alone

I tell you what. We’ll say it right now! If you get this incredible LEGO Home Alone house, it will especially start to feel like Lego Christmas! Saint Nick is undoubtedly at the top of our list. What do you think we are? This collection is the ideal display and storytelling tool. With this intricate Lego set from Home Alone, you can now bring back memories of wonderful Christmas comedy movie moments!

Want to quickly transform this LEGO Christmas set from amazing to mind-blowing? On our website, we actually have the exact lighting package that will transform the McCallisters’ home into something incredibly distinctive. Check it out right away to add even more significance to this wonderful collection!

Lego fans

The majority of Lego advent calendars work as you may anticipate: To discover your Lego gift, open one door each day. Some calendars additionally have a fold-out panel on the box that serves as an entrance and a setting for a theatrical scene. Always read the descriptions and reviews thoroughly before making a purchase. Older Lego advent calendars could need pieces that you gradually uncover over several days. To prevent disappointment, it’s crucial to purchase a gift that the receiver will genuinely love.

There are several themed Lego Christmas advent calendars based on well-known properties, but the original classic Lego is a great place to start! To ensure that you have everything you need for a festive play setting on Christmas Day, this Lego City advent calendar provides you with 24 days’ worth of Lego goodies. The entire hamlet must band together to rescue Santa before the big day since his sleigh has crashed and is stuck in the snow. Seven mini-figures altogether are included: Santa, three firefighters, a brother and sister, and a mechanic. The set allows you to add more pieces over the course of 17 days, allowing you to build a dynamic scene with a little fire engine and a traditional Lego Christmas tree!

Marvel fans

The Marvel Universe is another successful collaboration between the Lego brand and a well-known franchise. The first Lego Christmas advent calendar produced for the brand, which debuted in 2021, is unlike few other presents. Favorite characters from the series include Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Thor, and Captain Marvel are among your seven mini-figures, along with Thanos and Nick Fury. There are other entertaining mini-builds available, such as Spider-drone Man’s and the well-known Stark Tower. Tony Stark’s Christmas sweater and Spider-scarf Man’s are just a handful of the festive additions to The Avengers advent calendar’s stunning Marvel cast.


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