Check Out These 5 Amazing Casual Mobile Games

You cannot possibly deny that the world is all about convenience now. Technology has made things easier for a lot of us. People couldn’t have imagined back in the day that a small, portable, and mobile device would become a common household gadget. Now you can play these amazing games on your mobile phones without much hassle. You absolutely need no computers and no gaming consoles. All you need is a mobile phone, from which you are perhaps reading this article right now. There are thousands of such games that you can easily find on the Play Store and the App Store. It might become cumbersome for you to decide on one that has the best gameplay and attractive features.

Here is the list of top Casual Mobile Games.

Well, why worry when I am here to help you out? I have handpicked some of the best games that you can now enjoy on your mobile phones at your convenience. These games will certainly give you the entertainment and pleasure that you need. All right! Let us check out some of the popular ones.


  1. Slashy:
    This fun puzzle game is for people of age groups. Published by Camel Motion, Slashy is a power-packed game with alluring features and simple gameplay. Your prime task is to burst discs in the game by arranging the desired slices on top of them. Once you successfully burst them all, you win the game. There are some striking props in the game that you can put to use such as a football, a vinyl record, a clock, a slice of pizza, among others. You can also unleash the magic hammer that helps you with the slices when you are stuck.


To make it a little more challenging for you, the move-sets are limited and a timer so that you make your moves within the numbered moves. A timer replaces it where you need to complete your task on time.

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  1. Stacky Birds:
    If you love birds and love a game with a storyline, try this one out. You will come across a square-shaped bird in the game that flies over new places. The menu of the game is fairly predictable; you can start, and resume the game, and adjust the volume and brightness settings, but can’t change the difficulty level. Your goal is to create a long chain of eggs and overcome hurdles on the way. There will be monsters and thorns waiting for you so you need to be cautious. Good thing is, you receive coins that will help you unlock different characters such as whales, birds, hares, etc.


  1. Alto’s Odyssey:
    Want to explore ancient ruins and places? Play Alto’s Odyssey where you run through desert dunes and explore ancient ruins and rock formations. With a gorgeous sound design, simple soundtrack, and changing color palettes, you will wish to come back for more adventure. There are goals aplenty that you need to run after and unlock new features and characters in the game. There is also a Zen mode that you can switch on whenever you simply wish to kick back and relax.


  1.  Cats are Cute:
    This game might remind you of The Battle Cats. But the rules are different in both. Here, you have to build a town around cute cats by collecting them. Trust me when I say that it is oddly addictive in nature. The goal of the player is to find as many cats as he can and build homes and businesses for them. Imagine upgrading everything into a booming cat city! You initially start with one cat and a house that generates a certain amount of fish in one hour. You can use those fish to buy upgrades for your cats and their homes.


  1. Chessplode:
    Ever heard of chess with explosions? Well, this game is what the name suggests. It is a completely different take on the whole game of chess. If you are not good at chess, you actually might be at an advantage over someone who knows how to play chess and is more skilled. When you capture a piece in this game, the entire row and column explode, except if there is a king in the way. When such is the case, your move will turn into a regular capture.


This whole game is almost different from the original game of chess. It changes the whole paradigm. You have user-generated boards here, and this game throws different challenges at the player.



These are some of the best and most striking casual games that you will surely enjoy playing. You can be at home, at work, or even commuting and still be able to play them on your phone. Most of these games are free so that unloads a lot of burdens. Moreover, these games may be addictive but they really don’t take up much of your time because you can pause and resume them at your convenience. So, ready to try them out?





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