Top 6 Diamond Drilling Myths That Are Far From Reality

Irrespective of the industry you are associated with, myths prevail in almost every sector. The same applies to the diamond drilling industry as well. 

Although it is not possible to change misconceptions of people, what you can do is be well-informed about the truth. So, whenever anyone around you talks about prevailing myths, you can immediately correct them and show them the reality. 

But, before talking about the facts, you should first know some of the most common false assumptions in the diamond drilling sector. 

If you are not aware of these myths, then don’t worry, as we will talk about them in this detailed blog post. So, consider reading this guide from the start to the end to get a much better understanding of this: 

Talking About Some Common Myths In The Diamond Drilling Industry

Myth #1: Anyone Can Perform Diamond Drilling Technique Without Even Having Any Specialized Training

A lot of people still think that diamond drilling is an easy task to perform. They believe that it is the same as operating a mechanical drilling machine. So, it means that you can also effortlessly perform this job even if you do not have specialized training or experience in this field. But the reality is the opposite from it. 

The diamond drilling technique is a tough job to perform. And anyone lacking specialized knowledge, training or experience would fail to carry out this operation. 

Expert diamond drilling professionals have special training about the equipment that helps them efficiently perform the work. They also know how to properly handle all the necessary tools and equipment to make the most of these.  

Although many people have added diamond drill bits to their toolbox by this time, they should understand that these tools must be used with precaution. Again, to know how this equipment operates, one should go for training beforehand to understand their mechanism. 

And the operators should also get a clear idea of safety measures and precautions to prevent any damage risk successfully. 

Myth #2: Diamond Drilling Is A Safe Job To Perform And Does Not Involves Any Sorts Of Risks

You will find some people saying that diamond drilling is a safe job. But it is far from the truth. They tend to make misleading statements as they do not know the reality. The next time anyone tells you that, just let them know about the painful incidents that have happened in this industry so far. 

Some people have even lost their body parts because of moving parts of machinery or equipment. So, as far as safety is concerned, diamond drilling is a challenging job, and one should be careful while carrying about this operation to avoid any mishaps. Being cautious will help them be alert to the potential dangers around them. 

Myth #3: A Single Blade Suits All

It is another wrong statement prevailing in this sector. The diamond blades are indeed versatile. And so it can saw through various types of materials. But it does not mean that a singular blade suits all. 

Every blade is fabricated to serve a specific purpose. A single blade does not have the proper specification to cut through distinct materials. Another critical thing to note is that these blades come available with different chip sizes for crystals, mesh sizes, and the number of diamonds. 

So, it means that one can select the proper diamond saw blade depending on the grade, style and cutting requirements of the job that they have in their hand. 

Myth #4: Concrete Cutting Process Is Messy

Another common misconception about the concrete cutting procedure is that it is messy. But, this is not at all true. This particular process tends to leave a small quantity of debris behind. So, very little dust mess is produced on the site. You can even minimize that little dust with the application of water, which is considered its best part. 

Myth #5: The Longevity Of Blades Increases By Performing The Cutting With The Aid Of Water

Wet cutting is known to be a common practice that one can carry out by utilizing a diamond saw blade. It helps you to achieve an accurate and clean cut. So, you are assured of getting the best-in-class outcomes. 

But, the fact that it boosts the longevity of the blades is not at all true. Although it does help in preventing the chances of wear and tear that might occur due to the heat produced during the process, it does not majorly help increase the blade’s life. 

It is primarily because this process creates abrasive slurry, which can again cause some wear to the saw blade. In this case, water usage is mainly done to prevent dust. Also, water is used to successfully avoid the warping of the blade that can occur due to overheating. 

Myth #6: Diamond Drilling Professionals Are Drilling For Diamonds

Due to the use of ‘diamond’ in the diamond drilling term, many people think that the drilling professionals are drilling for diamonds. But the people involved in saying this do not know exactly what the diamond drilling technique is. So, it is natural for them to make this kind of statement. And this is one of the most common misconceptions that prevail in this sector. 

The reality is that the drilling tools, in this case, are made of diamonds, and thus, it is named so. 

In A Nutshell

Now that you have completed reading this comprehensive blog post, we hope you have a clear idea of the top myths that prevail in the diamond drilling sector. Not only the myths, but we have also let you know about the reality so you can gain better clarity on this.

Have any further queries or concerns? If yes, feel free to contact CA Drillers, a reputed diamond drilling London company. Having a lot of experience in this sector, they will be able to guide you in the best possible manner. Hurry, contact them today to know more!


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