Can I Use Face Wash on My Beard?

If you have a beard, almost one-third of your face is covered with it, I guess. In this case, like most other guys, you also wash your beards using a face wash. Am I right?

If I’m right, you’re doing it wrong. Using face wash on your beard is not a wise thing to do. It causes a lot of problems in your beard that result in beard fall. So, if you want to grow your beard long and strong, you should avoid using face wash on your beard.

Let me explain the reasons for which you should leave using face wash on your beard.

Reasons why You shouldn’t Use Face Wash on Your Beard

Face Wash is not Planned for Your Beard

The face wash is made for facial skin. So, the skin under your beard might be benefited from it, but your beards won’t.

As it is not designed for your beard, it comes with ingredients that harm your beard. So, applying it regularly on your beard makes your beard harsh by taking away the natural hydration.

Face Wash Makes Beards Dry

The health of your beards depends on the sebum oil that is produced in glands. It keeps your beard nourished and moist.

Some ingredients in face wash directly strip away the sebum oil and stop the source of nourishment. When your beards don’t get enough nourishment, those become dry and harsh. It leads to a breakage-prone beard.

It Causes Dandruff and Itchiness

When face wash leaves your skin dry, dry skin builds up under your beard, just like what happens on your scalp if your scalp is dry. This dry skin build-up turns into dandruff and causes itchiness and irritation.

Dandruff, irritation, and itchiness are not something you want, for sure. These turn into worse skin diseases within no time. So, you should avoid using face wash on your beard.

It Makes Beard Growth Slower

Growth happens when things are nurtured. The same goes with your beard too. If you raise and take care of your beard, you’ll get faster growth. On the other hand, stripping away the nourishments and moisturizers make the growth slower.

The face wash doesn’t come with the ingredients that nourish your beard. Instead, it reduces the nourishing properties of your skin. As a result, you’ll find slower beard growth if you regularly use face wash on your beard.

Using face wash on your beard has a reverse impact on your beard. So, you should be careful when applying face wash to your facial skin. If you want to develop your beard longer and thicker, you should be more careful.

Alternative to Face Wash for Your Beard

For cleaning your beard and the skin under it, you’ll find many products. Here I’m going to talk about a solution for it.

You can use shampoo on your beard. Though facial hair is a bit different compared to scalp hair, shampoo is far better than using a face wash on your beard. But there’s a problem. A shampoo comes with some ingredients that are good for scalp skin but not so suitable for your facial skin.

A beard wash can be a good alternative in this case. Beard wash is made especially for nourishing and cleaning your facial hair. Besides, these are made to be gentle with your facial skin under your beards. So, you can go for a beard wash.

Below are the reasons why beard wash is a good alternative.

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Why use Beard Wash?

  1. Beard wash doesn’t strip off the sebum and natural nourishing elements from your beard. As a result, your beard stays hydrated, moisturized, and safe.
  2. It focuses on providing nourishment to your beard besides cleansing dirt and extra oil from it.
  3. It washes out the dead skin cells from your skin under your beard. Thus it stops dandruff build-up.
  4. Most beard washes are focused on improving the growth of your beard. Thus these ensure volume and thickness.
  5. Beard washes make your beard perfect for styling.

Final Verdict

Being made for facial skin, the face wash is harsh on your beard. So, you shouldn’t use face wash on your beard. Doing this has multiple negative impacts on your beard, including- slow growth, dryness, itchiness, breaking, etc.

So, you should be careful at the time of using a face wash. Also, to wash your beards, you can pick a different product called beard wash. It is specially made for your beard to keep it safe from the impact of face wash.


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