Everything you want to know about the Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal

Parag Agrawal is the chief operating officer of Twitter CEO. Agrawal took over as chief operating officer in November 2021 when Jack Dorsey stepped all the way down to the position. Dorsey was a co-founder of Twitter and served because the company’s chief operating officer from 2006-2021. Parag Agrawal antecedently spent a decade at Twitter, serving because of the company’s CTO before he was picked by the board of administrators to succeed Dorsey as chief operating officer.

Although his tenure as the chief operating officer hasn’t been super long, Parag Agrawal has already created his mark as Twitter’s chief operating officer. Every week when entering into the role, Twitter prohibited the posting of personal media while not consenting. Twitter has gone on to introduce a slew of recent options since Agrawal became a chief operating officer.

Less than a year when as Twitter CEO, Agrawal nearly two-handed that title off to multi-billionaire Elon Musk, once Musk was in serious talks to amass the social media company, the arrangement was for him to a minimum of briefly take over as chief operating officer when the shut. Well, that deal fell apart and is currently heading to courts, thus it’s unlikely that we’ll see Elon Musk as Twitter’s chief operating officer.

Early life and education of Parag Agarwal

Agrawal was born in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. His father was a senior official within the Indian Department of nuclear energy and his mother could be a retired economic science academician from Veer Mata Technological Institute in Bombay. In 2001, he completed secondary and senior secondary studies at nuclear energy Central faculty and college No.4

In 2005, Twitter’s CEO obtained his Bachelor of Technology degree in engineering from IIT Bombay. That year, he affected to us to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy in engineering from university below the steerage of Jennifer’s knowledge. His Stanford degree thesis, printed in 2012, is titled “Incorporating Uncertainty in Information Management and Integration”.

The career of a chief operating officer

Agrawal command analysis internships at Microsoft analysis and Yahoo! analysis before the change of integrity Twitter CEO as a technologist in 2011. In Oct 2017, Twitter proclaimed the appointment of Agrawal as chief technology officer following the departure of Adam traveler. In the Gregorian calendar month of 2019, Twitter chief operating officer Jack Dorsey proclaimed that Agrawal would be guilty of Project Blue-sky, an associate degree initiative to develop a decentralized social network protocol. In November 2021, Dorsey proclaimed that he was resigning as a chief operating officer of Twitter which Agrawal was commutation him in real-time. As CEO, Agrawal was awarded annual compensation of $1 million also a stock compensation price $12.5 million.

Personal life and Views on policies

Agrawal is married to Vinita Agarwala, the general partner at the risk capital firm Andreessen Vladimir Horowitz. They need 2 youngsters, born in 2018 and 2022 severally. He took paternity leave because the chief operating officer of Twitter for the birth of his second kid.

In an associate degree interview with MIT Technology Review in November 2020, once asked about freedom of speech, Agrawal said: “Our role isn’t to be sure by the primary change, however, our role is to serve a healthy public spoken communication focus less on puzzling over free speech, however puzzling over however the days have modified.

Jack Dorsey drops chief operating officer title and adopts ‘Block Head’

Technology bourgeois and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has a brand new title: Block Head.

A restrictive revealing on Friday from digital payments company Block INC. says that its co-founder Dorsey is dynamical his role from Block’s chief operating officer, president, and president to “Block Head and president,” effective in real-time.

It’s a linguistics amendment solely and there “will be no changes in adult male. Dorsey’s roles and responsibilities,” the filing aforementioned. Dorsey co-founded the payments business sq. in 2009. it absolutely was renamed Block in the Gregorian calendar month of 2021 to replicate its growth to embrace the recurrent event music streaming service, money App, and TBD54566975, a monetary services platform primarily targeted at Bitcoin.

Decentralization, moderation, and more

That stance might still result in problems with Republican politicians, several of whom area unit is already hostile to twitter’s moderation policies and ban of former President Donald Trump. The House Judiciary political party Twitter CEO account already mentioned Twitter’s new chief operating officer as “much worse” than Dorsey when latching onto an associate degree out-of-context tweet from Agrawal from 2010 (before he was utilized at Twitter) quoting a comedic section from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’s Asia Mania concerning stereotypes. Perennial reports have shown that social media platforms like Twitter haven’t any empirical proof of bias against conservative content, and a recent study from Twitter itself found that the platform’s algorithms really favored rightist views.


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