Luscious lifestyle and career

Millions of viewers have swiftly become fans of Empire. We were immediately engrossed in the story, can’t stop listening to the soundtrack, and even developed a bond with the fantastic characters in the hip opera. We are aware of the majority of Luscious Lyon’s dirty little secrets, Cookie’s willingness to express her opinions, and even the names of Cookie’s lady-parts (nookie). Do you, however, know where the name “Cookie” originated? Or on whom Jamal Lyon’s persona is based? See these 15 incredible Empire facts that every fan of the program should be aware of.

With an all-star cast and frequent celebrity cameos, Empire fans are clamoring for exclusive content and show details. What if we told you that the 60-minute Wednesday night soap drama is about more than just the typical celebrity rumors? Although Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard have a history that some devoted viewers might not be aware of, fans may adore Lucious and Cookie. And according to co-creator Daniels, Taraji is the reason Luscious and Cookie are even sharing a screen. She assured the producer that if Howard wasn’t involved, neither would she.

Slated to play Luscious

Wesley Snipes might have become the thug known to viewers as Luscious Lyon if it weren’t for a friendly reference. Terrence Howard may be the face of television’s most successful hip-hop magnate. At the 2015 Winter TCA Press Tour, Lee Daniels revealed his original interest in Snipes for the part. The Empire’s principal character was changed after Taraji indicated she would only play Cookie if Terrence Howard was granted the role of Lucious, according to the Butler director, who informed fans and the media of the alteration.

Fans of Empire are aware that Lucious Lyon is one of the most powerful figures in the music industry in addition to being the leader of the Luscious dynasty. Even if it may seem like the mogul has it all now, that was not always the case. He actually had a pretty difficult upbringing. Fans have had the opportunity to learn more about what shaped the character’s development as the show has taken its time peeling back the various layers of this quite complex onion. Here are five quick facts about Lucious Lyon that you might find interesting.

ALS Lucious

Due to his diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which slowly destroys nerves in the brain and spinal cord and makes walking, talking, eating, and breathing increasingly difficult, Luscious business, his legacy, and his shattered family were all put in peril in Season 1. With Lucious facing certain death and his family scurrying to get their act together/compete for the throne, this was a terrific, shocking way to introduce the series. Empire was infused with a sense of urgency, tension, and grief because people with ALS have a brutally short life expectancy of about 2 to 5 years. However, as the season went on, other crises took precedence over ALS, which in real life worsens over time. Luscious had no signs of ALS at all. What was once a risky decision with deadlines and repercussions became a perplexing bait-and-switch that, in a way, shaped how Empire would function going forward: often flailing around to see what sticks.

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Final words

Timbaland has over the years added his magical musical touch to a number of projects, including those by Jay Z and Justin Timberlake. But up until now, the gifted super producer has never worked on a television show. Lee Daniels understood he wouldn’t have to worry about the scores incorporated into the programme if he found a method to ensure Timbaland was engaged because he has no qualms about showcasing his ignorance of hip-hop with audiences. The Virginia-born hitmaker was contacted by the Hollywood filmmaker, and three days later, magic happened.


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