Moonman- exciting new pen

Collectors of fountain pens should be on the lookout for a new pen company that has been gaining popularity and stirring up interest in the fountain pen market. Yes, today’s topic is Moonman, a brand-new company that sells amazing pens at even better pricing. As one of the more recent, more reasonably priced fountain pen brands available, Moonman has been drawing quite a bit of attention. While it is obvious that these pens are dominating the market, little is known about their maker. However, after doing some research online, it is evident that these pens are produced by a Chinese pen firm called Shanghai Jingdian. According to rumors, a few Chinese fountain pen enthusiasts at Shanghai Jingdian were inspired to create Moonman.

A few Chinese fountain pen collectors at Shanghai Jingdian are rumored to have created Moonman in order to round out their collections with some high-quality, everyday writing implements. It is evident from the buzz about Moonman in the fountain pen market that they have been successful in producing a high-quality item that consumers are clamoring to acquire. These appear to be some of the most reasonably priced fountain pens you can get without giving up a lot of quality, as far as we can determine. Let’s look at some of the more well-known Moonman fountain pens that you can purchase right here at Truphae now that we’ve seen how amazing these pens are for their low price points.

Moonman M2 Fountain Pen

One of the types manufactured that seems to be in more demand is the Moonman M2. It’s a fountain pen with an eyedropper fill that has a sizable ink capacity. This makes it a fantastic daily alternative for people who enjoy writing for extended periods of time without frequently replenishing their ink supply. For people who prefer using colorful inks when writing, it’s simple to look into the transparent demonstration body, which is made of resin and shaped as a torpedo. The Moonman M2 also features a fine-writing stainless steel nib with a lovely, detailed pattern etched into it, as well as a clipless pen cap that posts firmly on the rear of the tapering barrel.

Moonman M100 Fountain Pen

At about $49.00 USD, the Moonman M100 fountain pen is another excellent option. These murky color possibilities for this fountain pen are Art Genre, Dark Rose, Green Sea Quicksand, and Renaissance. The combination of the subtle shades of black, brown, and blue in Art Genre has to be our favorite color scheme for this pen. The M100 is a cartridge converter-filled fountain pen, much like the M600S above, thus it will likewise come with an international converter when you order it. According to the Moonman fountain pens we sell at Truphae, most of them only cost between $20.00 and $50.00 USD. When you take it into consideration, it’s difficult to dispute that pricing.

We can readily understand why the Moonman brand has grown to be such a well-liked selection for collectors of fountain pens, and we’re definitely keeping an eye on it for the time being. Check out our current assortment of Moonman fountain pens to see what we offer if you’re interested in trying one out for yourself! Check back periodically to see if we’ve introduced any new goods because our staff is continuously trying to bring you fresh and fascinating alternatives for your collection of fountain pens!

Moonman use

The Moonman meme first appeared as a result of dark, absurdist, or nostalgic online comedy. However, the meme was immediately taken for racial jokes in a self-referential manner. As previously said, Moon Man became a fully-fledged far-right figure by 2016. The original Mac Tonight video has still been used in various non-hateful ways, such as in a Saint Pepsi music video that was vaporwave-edited. However, that video has been taken off YouTube because of the clear connections between Mac Tonight and Moon Man, a white supremacist group. Both Mac Tonight and Moonman are seen as being particularly offensive as a result of these ties. The name of the trophy awarded at the MTV Video Music Awards is not to be confused with Moon Man.


Now let’s talk about the nib. It has a golden gold hue and some light scroll work to spice it up a little. On the top of the nib are the words “IRIDIUM POINT F,” however there is no branding. Since the nib is a number 5 size, you are undoubtedly used to seeing it on other pens. The nib is made of stainless steel below the gold coating. The cap unscrews easily, and it takes about one complete spin to fully open or close the pen. This makes it simple to open and seal, and it also offers just enough security in case any ink leaks during a bumpy ride or crash. The grip area is smooth and a little bit small, but it’s really cozy.


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