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With a $150 million fortune, birdman net worth is an American rapper, record executive, CEO, and businessman. Bryan “Baby” Williams, also known as Birdman, is the co-founder and CEO of Cash Money Records. Ronald “Slim” Williams was a partner in the business venture that they started in 1991. Cash Money Records not only represents well-known performers like Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Blueface but is also a musician himself.

Bryan Christopher Brooks was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on February 15, 1969. Johnnie Williams and Gladys Brooks, his parents, took nearly a month to decide on his name. Bryan used his mother’s last name since Williams did not sign the birth certificate. Kim, Ronald, and Ray are his three siblings.  Above the pub that his father ran, birdman net worth and his family resided in an apartment. When Birdman was five years old in 1975, his mother fell ill and passed away. Birdman and his siblings lived in British Columbia, Canada, with their uncle for a while after Gladys passed away.

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The Brooks children were in foster care for two years before returning to New Orleans. Their father filed a lawsuit to regain custody of his children after learning they were in foster care. In the 1970s, after a protracted legal fight, birdman net worth moved in with his father Johnnie and stepmother Patricia. He then changed his last name to Williams at this point. The Magnolia Projects in Newererleans were home to the father and stepmother of Birdman. Birdman and his stepbrother Eldrick Wise resided there at the time. The two teenagers sold heroin while engaging in robberies. At the age of 16, they were both taken into custody. When Birdman and Wise were both 18 years old, they were both arrested and given a three-year prison term. Williams offered.

The name “Cash Money Records” was chosen by Ronald and Bryan as a nod to the recently released movie “New Jack City,” in which Wesley Snipes portrayed a wealthy New York City criminal who heads a group known as the “Cash Money Brothers.” Soon the pair were touring Louisiana, checking out performances at different nightclubs in search of musicians to sign to their fledgling label. Rapper Kilo G was the first artist they ever signed. The Sleepwalker, his 1992 horrorcore album, served as Cash Money’s debut release. Slim and birdman net worth kept looking for fresh musicians to sign. In the end, Birdman persuaded DJ Mannie Fresh to work as Cash Money’s in-house producer.

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Tha Carter, Lil’ Wayne’s 2004 release, was a critical and commercial triumph. The most popular musician on Cash Money was Lil’ Wayne. Fast Money, birdman net worth second album, was released in 2005. It debuted on the Billboard 200 at position nine. On Halloween 2006, Lil Wayne and Birdman’s debut joint album, Like Father, Like Son, was released. On the Billboard 200, the album reached its apex at position three. With 50 million records sold, Cash Money Records is the most lucrative record label in hip-hop music history. Cash Money Records generated $100 million in sales annually at its height. Early in 2010, Birdman and his brother established “Bronald Oil,” an oil and energy company.

At his height, Birdman possessed a $30 million penthouse in Miami, at least two additional properties there (one of which is a recording studio), a sizable mansion in New Orleans, and at least two more properties. His real estate holdings are considerably less now. A large estate on Palm Island in Miami served as birdman net worth principal residence for many years. The mansion’s past is fascinating. Hip-hop producer Scott spent $10.5 million on it in 2006, but after blowing up his peak income of $70 million, he lost it to foreclosure a few years later. The property was purchased from a bank in 2010 for $6.7 million by businessman Russell Weiner, who founded Rockstar energy drinks and amassed a multi-billion dollar fortune.


After being released from prison, Birdman was aware of the developing bouncing hip-hop subgenre, which was popular in New Orleans nightclubs at the time, along with his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams. The brothers started their own record label, Cash Money Records, and went on a hiring spree around Louisiana, attending performances at various nightclubs in search of artists to sign to their brand-new label. Rapper Kilo G was the company’s first signing. His hardcore punk album The Sleepwalker was Cash Money’s first effort in 1992. Slim and Birdman never stopped seeking for new artists to sign. In the end, Birdman convinced DJ Mannie Fresh to work exclusively for Cash Money. Cash Money was one of the most prosperous independent record labels in the mid-1990s.

Cash Money was one of the most prosperous independent record labels in the South by the middle of the 1990s. In 1995, Birdman was acquainted with Dwayne Carter, a 12-year-old rapper from his hometown. Birdman acquired Carter for Cash Money. He may be better known to you as Lil’ Wayne. Despite being well-liked in the region, Cash Money had many setbacks in the 1990s, including the deaths of its singers Kilo G, Pimp Daddy, and Yella.


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