10 Microsoft Programming Languages You Should be Aware of in 2022


The world is changing quickly and the manner in which we carry on with work. We are seeing a rise in demand for programmers who can understand the complexities of various programming languages. The demand for programmers who know more than one programming language is increasing rapidly. Having multiple programming languages ​​helps you adopt new technologies faster.

Different coding languages ​​are used by companies in different areas of business. Knowing more than one will help you land a job in these companies as well. The need for skilled coders has increased due to rapid growth in technology and its applications in various fields such as artificial intelligence (AI) etc., where algorithms form an important part of their functioning or performance.


This language is object-oriented and is developed by Microsoft and used for general purposes. It is used to build applications for the .NET Framework.

It was created as part of a larger project called Project Astoria, which aimed to build an ecosystem around the .NET Framework, allowing developers to learn more about how things worked under the hood without having to know too much about it. This will allow you to build robust applications quickly and easily.

Because it is built on top of existing technologies such as Visual Basic and C++, taking this route allowed them to focus on building something new, rather than having to create them from scratch. Try to create something new (that would have taken a long time).


Many web applications and websites are developed using this language. JavaScript was created by Brendan Eich in 1995 as an extension to Netscape Navigator, but it was not until 2009 that it became an independent standard known as ECMAScript 5 or ES5 (the latest version of this standard is ES2015).

If you are working on a cross-platform like Android or iOS then JavaScript has many features that make it suitable for building desktop applications or even mobile apps.

For example, if you want your app to run faster because no additional resources are being loaded into memory like in a Java-based application. Javascript will help to ensure that everything runs smoothly without any problems that may occur during runtime, which means less time wasted on debugging issues at runtime rather than wasting time on other aspects like design/UX design.


Python is also considered a “high-level” language because its syntax resembles English rather than assembly instructions or machine code (the latter is what we would get if we used C). It makes it easy for beginners who want to learn how things work under the hood but don’t want to deal with the low-level details.

It is one of the popular languages ​​used to develop applications and websites. It is easy to learn and understand that anyone can start their software design using this language. So, you can learn and apply it easily and you also have a great community of developers to support you when you run into a problem.


The language is used for developing websites and applications and is a very old language to be used by many developers. This programming language is concurrent class-based and object-oriented and is used primarily to design to have as few dependency implementations as possible. Sun Microsystem developed this language in 1995.

Java’s design philosophy emphasizes code readability and simplicity, using fewer lines of code to write software than other languages ​​such as C++ or C#. Applications can be compiled into bytecode to run Java code on any Java virtual machine. A small number of popular application domains use Java technologies outside the enterprise sector: games; graphics/video processing; most network communication protocols; several open-source operating systems (Linux); embedded system technology used by hobbyists.


PHP is a server-side scripting language. It can be used to create dynamic web pages that change often and dynamically in response to user requests.

PHP has also built-in support for creating database applications and servers. It means you can use PHP as your backend development framework instead of using something like Python or Ruby on Rails (RoR).


This language ran very fast, prevented errors, and guaranteed third safety. Rust is a general-purpose language, with a strong emphasis on concurrency and memory safety. It supports a large number of data types (which can be combined into complex ones), first-class functions as well as traits for easily adding new functionality to your code base.

Rust programs are compiled into machine code at build time rather than being interpreted in a runtime environment like JavaScript or PHP. This results in much faster startup times and lower memory usage during execution than in other languages ​​such as C++, which require runtime compilation by the interpreter at run time before each program is run (and then after each function call).

The output of this compilation process can be directly used by any other program without any further processing. You don’t need an interpreter or any other compiler to run your code as it is already compiled into machine code which will execute only once. It makes it a lot easier for developers who are not familiar with compilers as they just have to write #include “myfile” instead of #include.


This language is also popular as other languages from Microsoft. It is also used for the development of applications for web and mobile and also for desktop applications.

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that runs on top of ECMAScript 6, which means it can be used with modern browsers. TypeScript also has its compiler which allows you to write code in TypeScript and compile it into readable JavaScript code that runs in your browser or node/ios module implementations. You’ll need to install an editor such as Visual Studio Code or Atom if you want to use this syntax for writing code for your web application projects.


Go uses the concept of channels for communicating between Goroutines (the basic unit of execution in Go). Each channel has its source and sync, which allows you to run multiple goroutines concurrently without cluttering up your codebase with shared state or synchronization issues.

Go also has some features such as concurrency primitives like channels for communication between Goroutines without cluttering up the codebase with shared state or synchronization issues.

R programming language

R is a statistical computing language. It is used for visualization of data, data analysis, and mining of data. The R programming language was developed by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman. Both were faculty members at UC Berkeley. The name “R” comes from their first names (Ross) and the second letter of their last name (Ihaka).

R has been used in many scientific fields including:

  • Biostatistics
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Science

R provides users with an environment that enables them to perform statistical analyses on large sets of data quickly, easily, and with minimal fuss compared to other computer languages such as SAS or SPSS. They have more complex syntaxes that require specialized knowledge about how those before the program used effectively work under various programs and conditions.


It’s a powerful, modern programming language that allows you to write programs using many different types of syntax and data structures.

C++ is developed in the year 1979 as a successor to the C language and the name C stands for classes.

As with most object-oriented languages, classes are used extensively when writing code in C++ and this makes things easier than they might be otherwise!


As a software developer, you need to be familiar with all the programming languages that are out there. In this article, we’ve listed the top 10 Microsoft programming languages that will help you become a better programmer.

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