The Best Car Mats

Car Mats are also known as Vehicle mats or Automobile floor mats. Like any other floor mat, its purpose is to protect the level beneath it from dirt, wear, spills, chemicals, corrosion, and debris. Keeping your vehicle in its best condition for longer. This brings about a plethora of benefits the biggest one being you can preserve your vehicle value as much as possible. Should you decide to sell your vehicle at a later stage this will play in your favor as you can sell it for slightly more. Most car mats are removable;The importance of your car mats being easy to clean is very important as your shoes / boots may pick up dirt and debris on your travels and is not something that you want lingering around in your car. They can be washed and cleaned to be used again.However, they have fixation points or hooks on their edges and corners to stick to the bottom and avoid sliding under the passengers’ feet.

Carmelo offer carpet car mats synthesized with highly elastic brushed PVC material. They promise a neat and orderly look to the interior of your car. Their mats are available in a 2 in 1 design where two layers of mats are concealed together. The bottom layer is a crystal mat (also available separately), while the second layer is the carpet mat. Together they join on every corner for an anti-slip feature. The mats for the vehicle’s front seats have a sound reducing mesh, memory foam, complete floor coverage, heightened edges, footrest padding, and a 3D texturized heel grip. The mats for the vehicle’s back seat are cushioned for added comfort, laser scanning technology, and custom carved foot pedals. All mats are manufactured with 7 layers of strength and durability. Rest assured that if you are a daily traveler with many passengers accompanying you on the drive, you do not have to worry about the wear that the carpet can handle. With everything being said this makes Carmelo carpet car mats the best carpet car mats available on the market and have been developed by professionals who have taken every scenario into account and have turned the standard universal car mats that are not normally the best of looking car mats into something that is wonderful to look at and not an eyesore while protecting your vehicle interior at the same time and its floorboard.

The general idea is that carpet mats are difficult to clean, especially liquids. However, Carmelo carpet car mats are designed with the sole intention to ease the cleaning process after a mat goes through spillage or comes in contact with mud. You can skip the tiresome routine of washing your mats; instead a gentle wipe with a tissue or cloth will do. As they are easily removable you can also give it a good shake to get rid of all the loose dirt and then give it a much more deeper clean when you have the time and bring out the hoover.

The best thing about Carmelo is that all mats are custom made according to the vehicle of your choice. They do not believe in giving universal sizes and shapes to all customers because detailing matters. Keeping this in view, they also offer a long list of 18 Deluxe carpet mat colors to choose from. These include 8 colors in combinations while 10 of them are single colors. The range and choice of options standout. There is something for anyone and everyone in different shapes and sizes:

  • Black (Best Seller)
  • Black and Racing Red
  • Black and Green
  • Black and Midnight Purple
  • Red
  • Red and Black
  • Racing Red
  • Beige
  • Coffee and Beige
  • Brown
  • Coffee and Brown
  • Grey
  • Grey and Black
  • Grey and Black with Blue
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Light Blue
  • Pink

The price does not vary among colors but is dependent on the design you pick. There are also extra personalization options available such as custom logos of which you can upload any logo of your choice to be implemented onto your car mats. Custom text of writing such as “cool car mats” and a few extras like a pocket phone holder allowing one to store their phone or any other items as such in the side of the car mats (Driver side only or both driver and passenger sides) This touch of extra personalization makes the perfect gift for a love one or family friend. Each purchase comes with a free 12 months warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction and provide worldwide shipping so no matter what corner of the world you are from, all you have to do to buy your carpet mat is:

  • Choose your favorite color
  • Select your car brand
  • Pick any extra customization you would like; pocket holder or custom logo or text
  • And add to basket!

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