Teddy bear slippers Facts

As we all know that slippers are a common part of our routine life. Teddy bear slippers are light footwear that is not difficult to put on and off and are planned to be worn inside, especially at home. They give comfort and protection to the feet while strolling indoors. We wear teddy bear slippers at home when we need to give our feet a well-deserved rest. We consider that they are such a common thing for us and our basic daily life routine.

Moreover, today we chose to summarize a few interesting things about slippers to demonstrate that even these teddy bear slippers that are a particularly normal yet significant piece of our day-to-day life have many fascinating things behind their origin. In Japan, there are special slippers for baths and for rooms. The Japanese people wear special slippers when they go to the bathroom. You can track down this both in a confidential typical house and furthermore in lodgings and cafés. Something vital, when you leave the washroom make sure to leave them where they were, there’s nothing more frightening for Japanese individuals than strolling into a room with their restroom slippers.

Brief History of Slippers

In 1478, the word ‘slipper’ comes from the verb ‘to slip,’ which originally means assumed by the simple movement of putting on the garments. Nonetheless, ‘to slip’ could likewise imply ‘to hit or beat with a slipper.’ Slipperings were a typical type of punishment in schools for naughty kids. As late as 1980, a school in Liverpool gave 1,800 slipperings in a year.

Furthermore, Slippers started in the 12th century. A rich ruler from Vietnam forced his mistresses to wear them for the purpose of keeping the ladies hostage. They were delicate, slim-soled, and dangerous to keep them from getting away from the surrounding rough landscape outside their collection of mistresses. Teddy bear slippers are the name of one types of slippers.

A Huge Slipper

One of the biggest slippers on the planet was really made by error following a miss-read of a decimal point. You are going to be shocked to get a size 1,450 ‘Beast Slipper’ the size of a vehicle when the maker misread Boddingham’s customized request for a size 14.5.

Factors keep in mind while purchasing a slipper

Here we give you information that one should keep in mind while choosing slippers.

  1. Support: The whole base ought to give backing to your foot. This ought to incorporate curve and heel support.
  2. Good Materials: Always ensures the material is both delicate and liberated from hard edges or harsh regions. Additional cushioning or padding is enthusiastically suggested while looking for good-quality shoes. In teddy bear slippers soft hair a soft material is used.
  • Roomy: Your shoes ought to fit the very same way as your shoes. Ensure you have sufficient space in the toe box and guarantee the mend doesn’t slip while strolling.
  1. Breathability: Proper ventilation takes into consideration the great dissemination of your feet. Furthermore, your feet ought to stay cool and dampness free.
  2. Heel Height: No more than 2.5cm or around 1 inch in level. The recuperate of your foot and lower leg ought to feel appropriately adjusted.
  3. Rounded Toe Area: Make sure your toes have adequate space and don’t feel compacted.

Different Kinds of slippers

  1. Open-heel slippers: normally made with a texture upper layer that encases the highest point of the foot and the toes, however, leaves the impact point open. These are many times disseminated in costly lodgings, included with the expense of the room.
  2. Closed slippers: shoes with an impact point monitor that keeps the foot from sliding out.
  3. Slipper boots: shoes intended to seem to boot. Frequently preferred by ladies, they are regularly shaggy boots with a downy or delicate covering and a delicate elastic sole. Displayed after sheepskin boots, they might be worn outside.
  4. Sandal slippers: padded shoes with delicate elastic or texture soles, like Birkenstock’s padded shoes. Teddy bear slippers are also quite comfortable slippers that we can wear at the home.
  5. The evening shoe otherwise called the “Sovereign Albert” shoe concerning Albert, Prince Consort. It is made of velvet with calfskin soles and highlights a grosgrain bow or the wearer’s initials weaved in gold.


  • In an auction in 2000, the world’s most famous slippers, the red slippers Judy Garland wore in The Wizard of Oz were sold for 660.000$.
  • The word slipper comes from the word ‘to slip’ in 1478. That shows that slippers have at least a 538-year-old history.
  • Slipper Man: Some of you could have known about Slipper Man. Derek Fan entered the Guinness World Record for wearing a couple of teddy bear slippers for a very long time straight as of June 2007.
  • Monster slipper: In 2011 Tom Boddingham committed an error while putting a decimal number while requesting a couple of shoes, and we got a 7-foot tall teddy bear slippers at home.
  • Most expensive slippers: The most costly shoe on the planet is without a doubt a shoe covered by 1,400 white precious stone pieces. They cost around 2 million US$ and they were made for Nick Cannon, TV-have otherwise called the ex of Mariah Carey.

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